About Acme Preston

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At Acme Preston, we understand the value of high quality, customised products and what that positive brand association does for your business.

We are committed to delivering bespoke, custom branding solutions that elevate your brand to help you establish a strong market position.

With over 60 years in the game, we have the expertise, passion and know-how to deliver extraordinary custom branded products that are fit for purpose, impactful and simply impeccable.

Client partnership is at the heart of everything we do. We’ll work with you to ensure we transform your creative brief – no matter how elaborate or unique – into an end result that will make your end users say “Wow!”

Our results are designed for impact… but built to last.

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Committed to quality

We realise that we run the risk of sounding stereotypical when we say quality is our main objective.

But without the all-encompassing focus we place on the quality of our work, we wouldn’t have gained the enviable reputation we have today.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we never, ever compromise on quality for the sake of money, time… or anything else.

At Acme Preston, we have robust, human-led quality checks in place to ensure that every single product that leaves our facility is fit for its intended purpose.

We source only the best materials from our trusted suppliers and we use industry-leading machinery… skilfully operated by hands that have been doing it for many years.

We rely on human expertise to do the job right… not automated digitised processes.

The quality of our work is exactly why so many of our customers become loyal, long-term clients.

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The wow-factor

Many of our clients come to us with an idea… explaining to us the product’s intended purpose – which almost every time is to make an impact – and do its job well.

Whether you want to spoil your staff with bespoke custom leather notebooks, need customised folders for your business documents or custom presentation boxes to make your products look great, we can make it happen.

We have the expertise to interpret creative briefs and determine the best materials, methods and processes to achieve an end result that wows.

Our production process is like a well-oiled machine, delivering high quality output in large volumes.

Whatever the purpose of the product, we leverage our skills and expertise across all our departments to make sure the products do what they are supposed to… and will keep doing that for years to come.

Screen printing machine

Our partnership approach

Many of our loyal customers stick with Acme Preston not only for the high quality of our workmanship, but because they feel truly heard and understood. We treat absolutely no one like a number… we’re committed to true human connections.

Each of our team members takes pride in ensuring a tailored outcome by engaging our customers for spot-on brief interpretation.

The reality is, many of our customers that come to us don’t really know which printing techniques their project requires, which type of binding method will ensure durability or which is the best material for the job.

We’re the experts on all aspects of custom branding, PVC welding, screen-printing, design and assembly… making sure each product is fit for purpose. We aren’t order-takers, but strategic problem solvers and outside-the-box thinkers.

Man doing a binder

Acme Preston’s proudly Australian history

When we talk about our rich history, it’s hard to believe that a portion of our business runs back almost a century with the inception of the then-revolutionary letterpress company JH Preston.

Later on, JH Preston evolved to become an expert in screen-printing. (We still use our original screen-printer that was built at our Auburn facility in the 90s.)

When business couple Herb and Jenny Gardener acquired Acme Plastics in the 80s – a company specialising in PCV welding – they jumped at the opportunity to merge JH Prestons and Acme Plastics to form a full-service screen-printing and plastics welding business, known as Acme Preston today.

Glyn Morris, a family member of the Gardeners, was a South African engineer who managed Acme Preston for several years until his recent retirement.

Many of the printing and welding experts who work at Acme Preston today, started as apprentices under Glyn’s leadership back in the 80s and 90s.

With Craig and Bridgette at the helm of Acme Preston today, the company is moving forward at a rapid speed, increasing the scope and quality of our service offering to our customers… but staying loyal to our Australian roots and values that saw the birth of Acme Preston decades ago.

Our values define us

Our core values drive our business, our operations and our teams. They lie at the heart of everything we do. These values have become part of our DNA and allow us to deliver the standard of excellence that we do… day in and day out.

Four hands of businessmen collect gear from the gears of the details of puzzles


We are solution-seekers, not problem dwellers. We work with our clients to truly understand the problem and find fit for purpose solutions.


We strive for perfection and excellence – in our products, our process and our service. We NEVER compromise on quality, even if the consequences hurt.


We are open and honest with our clients and within our teams – at all times and about everything. We under-promise and overdeliver.


We get excited by projects that flex our capabilities and force us to think outside the box. This forces us to leverage our creativity to deliver exceptional results. Through this, we grow.

Partnership mentality

We’re in it together for the long run, collaborating with our clients to find solutions that are built for purpose and have the desired impact.


As a team, we rely on each other’s unique skills and take initiative to get the job done.


We laugh, cry, quarrel and push each other… and we grow through it all. We’re human, and we value life and our jobs.

Partner with the experts in custom branded products

Our partnership with you means you’ll have access to the best personalised service and the highest quality custom branded products.

Our team members pride themselves in a high level of collaboration with all our clients. If we think something else will work better, we’ll tell you. We always do right by our clients… no matter the cost.

Contact us today to start the conversation.