The Custom Branding Experts

After 60 years of providing exceptional quality solutions in custom branding and printing, our operation is a well-oiled machine. We have team of 30 custom branding experts across our plastic welding site in Smithfield and our screen-printing base at Auburn. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we’re here to bring your vision to life.

Craig Dowson

Owner & Technical Manager

Manufacturing is in Craig’s blood. Growing up, Craig has always been involved in his family’s manufacturing business.

As a youngster with an active interest in making things, a career in manufacturing seemed like a natural fit.

After completing his studies in industrial engineering in South Africa, Craig worked in his family’s manufacturing business.

“I enjoy seeing things created from nothing, and learning the science and engineering behind it all,” says Craig.

It was shortly after moving to Australia with his wife, Bridgette, and their three children, that Craig jumped at the opportunity to acquire Acme Preston and put the unique Dowson stamp on it.

Craig has a deep understanding of PVC and the way it acts with different elements. He knows what it takes to process materials and also to adapt to the changing nature of the plastics industry.

“I love working with plastics because it is familiar territory for me. But learning more about other materials such as leather and foils and what you can do with them has been such a great experience.

Working with an incredibly talented team of people has made my efforts at evolving and expanding our operations the best experience in the world. We work with amazing clients and putting smiles on their faces makes my day.

Small differences in the manufacturing process and material selection can make a massive difference to the quality and durability of the end result.”

Christopher Berry

Chief Operating Officer 

After spending years of his career in film and television advertising abroad and on home soil, Christopher came into Acme Preston armed with a wealth of knowledge in advertising and business development.

As the head of Chief Operating Officer at Acme Preston, Christopher works with Craig and Bridgette to ensure the company delivers the very best in client service and flexes the capabilities of its offering.

“I love finding new challenges and exploring exciting opportunities. There’s a unique art in the craft of what’s been done at Acme Preston. Craig and Bridgette are exceptional in their ownership and as a team we thrive on finding new solutions to solve problems.”

Christopher’s approach to the work he does at Acme Preston can be summed up as ‘bold’. He’s innovative and forward-thinking. And did we mention he loves working with people?

“For many years I’ve been living from a suitcase, constantly travelling for my job. I absolutely love working with people from different backgrounds and building relationships. At Acme Preston, I truly feel part of a team… not just a cog in the wheel.”

Michelle Wonson

General Manager

As the General Manager at Acme Preston, Michelle has her hands on each moving part of the operations and knows screen-printing and custom branding like it’s her own native language.

She works without fear and acts boldly to achieve the highest quality solutions for all our clients.

She’s passionate and knowledgeable, which our clients find extremely helpful when discussing their project needs.

Michelle’s extraordinary level of expertise comes as no surprise, as she’s worked at Acme Preston for a collective 20 years… starting off as an apprentice to the original manager, Glyn Morris, in the 80s.

As a qualified screen-printer, Michelle works hands-on to make our customers’ ideas come to life… in crisp colours on durable stocks.

“Coming to work is like coming to my family every day. We all support each other and work together very well. I also think the world of our customers. Life’s good here at Acme Preston. Craig is a great supporter for all of us – his passion for the business is contagious.”

Over the years, Michelle has learnt which questions to ask to get the right information needed for a successful outcome. She also guides clients through the process and helps educate them on the best way forward.

“When I engage a client, I try to understand what it is they really want… and what the product should do. I tell them about our capabilities and how we can use our expertise to achieve the desired outcome.”

In working with clients, Michelle has built an enviable reputation in her openness, efficiency and unyielding determination to surpass expectations.

How we work

We understand that every industry has its unique challenges and needs. This knowledge has refined our process – and we achieve extraordinary results for our clients by sticking to it.

Discovery: At Acme Preston, we pride ourselves on our speedy response to each and every enquiry. Even if we can’t provide an instant solution, we connect with each person to discover their needs and truly understand their objective.

Brief: We partner with our clients to make sure we’ve interpreted the brief correctly. We suggest the best solutions to achieve the desired result. If everyone’s happy, we communicate project timelines and we kick things off!

Pre-press: Quality print requires quality pre-press. Our pre-press team ensures that all files and artwork are checked and ready for precise execution.

Production: Whether the project involves screen-printing, PVC welding, design or customisation techniques, our factory operations are like a well-oiled machine with full transparency at every phase. We keep our stock rooms full to ensure we have everything on hand to jump right into the execution stage of each order.

Quality check: This is something we’re extremely serious about. Nothing leaves our facilities if we’re not a hundred percent happy with the quality and workmanship. This important link in our production chain is also the reason why so many of our one-time clients turn into long-term partners. Which brings us to…

Partnership: We love long-term relationships with our clients… providing tailored solutions for all their custom merchandising, printing and office stationery needs. If you’ve used our services before and you’ve walked away happy (which we guarantee you will), we’ll stick with you for the long haul.

Our team of custom branding experts is waiting for your call. Contact us today to discuss your needs.