Custom branding explained: to print or not to print, that is the question

Customised marketing material holds incredible brand equity with an audience. It is the identity of your business and can create value.

Although we have seen a significant increase in customised digital marketing efforts, print methods are holding their weight and new technologies will push the industry envelope (pardon the pun!).

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Custom branding explained

Branding is the process of building a bespoke identity for your business. It involves conscious decision making around colours, design and your brand personality and unpacks the characteristics of your business.

When you present these colours, logo design or brand messages across a multitude of customised business or marketing collateral, it enables your audience to instantly recognise who you are.

The options you choose for your brand should also illustrate brand consistency and align with your company’s vision and mission.

Can you imagine being handed a bunch of loose papers held together by an elastic band at a legal conference you’ve paid to be part of? Or your doctor tearing a random piece of paper to write your script instead of the custom vinyl binder or leather binder with the doctor’s name and practitioner number?

Customised branding holds persuasive power.

To print or not to print

We are a digital generation. At some point during every day, we engage in digital activity – whether this is on our phones, in our retail centres or at work. Customised digital marketing has been an industry buzzword for the best part of nearly two decades. It is estimated that digital consumers are bombarded with between 4000 and 10000 messages per day.


brands fail to capture an audience’s attention with purely digital marketing methods. Brand trust and brand loyalty have become increasingly important to younger generations, and quality customisation tactics are attracting increased customer attention.

The Global Commercial Printing Market is projected to increase by US$60 billion by 2026, up from US$411 billion in 2020. Although some printing industries saw a decline during the pandemic, others, like the packaging for eCommerce products, saw exponential growth over this period.

The power of printing technologies

The future of printing technology is an exciting one. And it’s not limited to how you may think of printing.

Conscious buying will create bigger niches for businesses requiring that they forge ahead in innovative design underpinned by trend-setting research and development, and responsible printing methods.

Improvements in inkjet technologies will mean quick turnaround times at attractive price points.

The different substrate options like vinyl, paper (even recycled options) and textile will encourage businesses investigating custom branded screen-print or other custom printing options to think out of the box. Global eCommerce giant Amazon committed to a US$400 million investment in inkjet equipment for their merchandising division.

Commercial printing will see increased demand, especially from the retail and food sectors in hyperlocal environments. This is attributed to digital channels failing to attract and retain customer attention plus this option being an incredibly cost-effective one, especially for bulk printing.

Possibly one of the most exciting evolutions in printing technology is the rise of 3D printing. The 3D printing industry is expected to generate in excess of US$10 billion by 2030, as manufacturing sectors look to 3D printing for moulds and prototyping. In fact, 3D printing specialists – or PVC welders as they’re known to the industry – have huge prospects, as they’re highlighted as one of the critical jobs of the future.

With the printing industry doing anything but declining, be sure to contact our team about the right custom branding solution for your business.

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We promise exceptional print quality on a wide variety of custom satchels and pockets.

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