Our Custom Branding Techniques

Drawing on our 60 years of experience, we help our customers place their brand front and centre with our custom branding techniques and printing methods. We’ve refined our craft to deliver customised products that truly make an impact.

Printshop worker technician works on large CNC computer numerical control printing and cutting machine

Screen and digital printing

Our screen-printing capability is second to none. With our own unique screen-printer that can be found nowhere else in the world, we are able to print up to five colours in a single production cycle on various materials such as PVC, polypropylene, paper and leather.

Our screen-printing experts produce imagery that is crisp, clear and durable for outdoor use.

We also have impeccable in-house digital printing capability that is great for short print runs and variable data printing.

Our custom branding experts have just the right printing solution to personalise your product. We’ll steer you in the right direction and come up with the perfect solution for your needs.

Call us today to discover our screen-printing capability as the solution to your needs.

Foil stamping

Foil stamping

The foil stamping technique achieves what no printer can – a luxurious metallic finish that adds a wow-factor.

We use special equipment to stamp an image, logo or text on PVC or any other material from a sheet of foil.

Foil stamping looks great on any type of folder, binder, notebook, album or presentation box to elevate your brand.

We can also combine foil stamping with a debossing method to create a striking 3D image.

We know what branding methods work best on which materials, to still produce a wow-effect but make it last longer. Talk to us… we’re happy to help!

Debossed stamp


The debossing technique is very popular when doing custom branding as it really adds a special dimension to the overall look of the product.

With our debossing technique, we imprint an image or text into the material, which can include PVC, leather or vinyl.

Debossing as a form of custom branding is most commonly applied on binders, folders, satchels and travel wallets. For added effect, we can combine debossing with other techniques such as foil stamping or screen-printing.

We know the different ways of applying debossing to materials that make it look really spectacular. Our clients rely heavily on us for sound advice to achieve the best outcome.

You can do the same – talk to us about the possibilities and we’ll make your vision come to life.

A measruing glassware with water at 200ml line

Waterslide decals

These are water-mounted decals that are printed face-up and rely on an external force like heat or pressure to transfer the image or text to the surface.

They are extremely thin and we can produce them to a very high level of detail.

Some of the popular uses of waterslide decals for our clients include glass decals for windows, sliding doors, measuring cups or promotional glass holders.

The waterslide principle also applies to our custom temporary tattoos; they are applied using water.

This method allows you to add the image to your product while preserving the integrity of the material.

Waterslide decals might work better on some materials than others. Ask us, we’ll tell you which route is the best to follow… we’ve been doing it for decades!

Partner with the experts in custom branding

Our partnership with you means you’ll have access to the best personalised service and the highest quality custom branded products.

Our team members pride themselves in a high level of collaboration with all our clients. If we think something else will work better, we’ll tell you. We always do right by our clients… no matter the cost.

Contact us today to start the conversation.

Our Products

We can customise all types of binders with different sizes, features and materials.


Give your documents a polished, professional look with our range of custom folders.


We promise exceptional print quality on a wide variety of custom satchels and pockets.

Satchels & Pockets

We turn one design into matching stationery like envelopes and clipboards.


Bespoke custom presentation boxes built for purpose – durable and highly impactful.

Presentation Boxes

Our signage and display solutions are fully customisable and designed to be fully weatherproof.

Signs & Display

Create positive association with your brand through custom branded promotional merchandise.

Promotional Merchandise

Send your brand on a trip around the world with custom branded travel accessories.

Travel Accessories

We promise exceptional print quality on a wide variety of custom satchels and pockets.

Satchels & Pockets

Give your documents a polished, professional look with our range of custom folders.