How custom stationery can elevate your business brand

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As a business owner or manager, you invest a substantial percentage of turnover into your marketing budget – and you need to. Your customers are bombarded with your competitors’ brands all day and when you are not looking for that extra marketing edge, your competition is.

Discovering proven, cost-effective marketing strategies that reinforce your brand’s authenticity and professionalism are little nuggets of gold, and customised, branded stationery is a golden brick.

Your customers see it, they touch it, they use it and put it on their desks, stick it on the fridge and keep it in their office drawer. They identify with it and remember it.

When they need you, they make that important call because your contact details are on it.

Customising your stationery with your brand is a highly effective and low cost marketing strategy that is a proven winner in the marketing matrix.

Why is it important?

Your brand is a direct representation of you. It communicates your values. It is a symbol of your skills, your expertise and your integrity.

It drives your customers’ opinion of you, and for many businesses the brand holds more identifiable power than the people behind it.

In the digital world it’s easy for your brand to get lost in all the noise. Branded stationery quietens the noise, it is always visible, it is a constant in the fickle world of doing business.

Be seen

Consumers are savvy beasts and they want to get from point A to point Z as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Having customised and branded mouse pads, notebook covers, coasters, folders and other useful stationery items all merchandised with your brand clearly visible, takes decision making out of the equation.

The answer they seek is right in front of them; they look at it every day and your website and phone number are just a glance away.

Professional and respected

Letterheads, premium branded envelopes and branded presentation takeaways are a must for any business to be perceived as professional and respected. Nothing looks more amateur than a plain envelope with a sticker on it or an ink smudge where the company stamp should have been.

Branded stationery builds trust. It illustrates to your clients that you care about your business and therefore about theirs. It sends a powerful message that you hold yourself accountable, that you have pride and that you are trustworthy and responsible. It is empowering, creating an emotive connection between you and your customer.

Making a statement

When pitching for projects, you need to make a statement. Potential clients see any number of submissions and you need to stand out from the rest.

Collaterals that look slick and professional linger long after the presentation is finished.

Leaving your prospect with branded takeaways is a sure-fire way to make a statement and ensure you have done everything possible to win the business.

Creating a united team

Building brand integrity and values into your team is as critical as marketing your brand to your customers. Your team members are your greatest sales assets and your brand is a very important part of their identity. Branded office and workshop stationery and merchandise enhance the sense of belonging. They reinforce the idea of team and are a daily reminder of purpose for everybody who works in your organisation.

Gaining every advantage is a key ingredient to any successful business. You work hard to ensure your business is maximising opportunities, working cohesively and is marking its mark. Don’t leave anything to chance – branded stationery is attention to detail and attention to detail makes all the difference.

Engage the experts in custom branded stationery

Acme Preston has been supplying our clients with beautifully branded stationery for many years. Our capability in custom PVC welding, polypropylene cutting, screen-printing and more means we can create products that are durable, fit for purpose and… have that wow-factor.

Contact us today to learn more about our offering in custom branded products. Read more articles about custom branded products.

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