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As the end of the financial year approaches, professional firms are flurrying with budget planning, tax optimisation, stock and staff planning, marketing plans and strategic goal setting to hit the ground running from July 1st.

Stationery is included in this planning matrix. Many firms use diaries, which are enticing branding opportunities for communicating with their customers and showcasing their services and professionalism.

For over 60 years, ACME PRESTON has been the stationery business that professional firms turn to for powerful customised stationery branding – And diaries are a big ticket item.

Put your branding in the hands of the professionals

ACME PRESTON specialises in crafting bespoke stationery solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of professional firms. From personalised notebooks, binders, and diaries, our team is dedicated to helping businesses elevate their organisation and leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike.

In a world inundated with digital tools and gadgets, the humble diary remains a steadfast companion for professionals seeking structure and clarity in their daily routines. However, not all diaries are created equal. Off-the-shelf options need more customisation to align with your firm’s branding, workflow, and specific requirements.

Organisations radiate professionalism by opting for custom diaries. Your diary is more than just a tool for jotting down appointments; it reflects your firm’s professionalism and attention to detail. Customising your diaries with your logo, brand colours, and contact information reinforces your firm’s identity and leaves a memorable impression on clients and partners.

Every professional firm operates according to its unique schedule and workflow. Custom diaries allow you to tailor the layout and sections to align with your specific needs. Whether it’s dedicated spaces for client appointments, case notes, or billing reminders, a customised diary ensures that crucial information is always at your fingertips, streamlining your daily operations.

Enhance your company culture

Providing employees with personalised diaries demonstrates your investment in their success and well-being. Customising diaries with departmental logos fosters a sense of belonging and pride among team members, boosting morale and promoting a collaborative work culture. Custom diaries offer a tangible solution for managing deadlines, prioritising tasks, and tracking progress toward strategic objectives. With a customised layout tailored to your firm’s workflow, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly and that every opportunity is maximised.

As specialists in custom stationery products, we understand professional firms’ unique needs and challenges. Our dedicated team works closely with clients to create diaries that meet and exceed expectations. We are committed to delivering exceptional quality and unmatched attention to detail from concept to creation.

The possibilities are endless with our state-of-the-art printing technology and wide range of customisation options. Whether you’re looking for sleek leather-bound diaries for executives or vibrant, eco-friendly options for your entire team, we have the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life.

ACME PRESTON is your customisation specialist

ACME PRESTON specialises in customised diaries, binders, and stationery products for Australian businesses, regardless of location. We offer the most comprehensive in-house custom branding and printing techniques, including screen and digital printing, foil stamping, debossing and waterside decals. We work with all industries, from legal and education to construction companies, retail outlets, and hospitality venues.

Our 60 years of experience in delivering quality products and competitive prices is why we are recognised as Australia’s leading stationery business for customised materials.

Talk to one of our team members about our customisation service and why we deliver on our promise the first time every time.

Our Products

We can customise all types of binders with different sizes, features and materials.


Give your documents a polished, professional look with our range of custom folders.


We promise exceptional print quality on a wide variety of custom satchels and pockets.

Satchels & Pockets

We turn one design into matching stationery like envelopes and clipboards.


Bespoke custom presentation boxes built for purpose – durable and highly impactful.

Presentation Boxes

Our signage and display solutions are fully customisable and designed to be fully weatherproof.

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Create positive association with your brand through custom branded promotional merchandise.

Promotional Merchandise

Send your brand on a trip around the world with custom branded travel accessories.

Travel Accessories

We promise exceptional print quality on a wide variety of custom satchels and pockets.

Satchels & Pockets

Give your documents a polished, professional look with our range of custom folders.