Is wholesale manufacturing cheaper in Australia or abroad?

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When considering whether wholesale manufacturing is cheaper in Australia or abroad, it is crucial to consider every element of the bulk manufacturing process.

Although the specific production figures and labour costs may be higher in Australia than in other countries, thanks to our dedicated focus on fair work and labour practices, there are several other advantages to producing wholesale or bulk custom-branded products locally.

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Debunking the myth

As a start to debunking the myth, producing custom-branded products in Australia supports local businesses and creates jobs.

It stimulates a circular economy as when buying local, the money stays in the country and can benefit you, your customers and your community.

Producing wholesale products locally also reduces the environmental impact of transportation and shipping. Shipping products from overseas can result in a significant carbon footprint, whereas producing products locally can reduce the distance that products need to travel.

Additionally, Australia has stricter environmental regulations than some other countries, which can encourage the development of more sustainable wholesale manufacturing methods.

Producing products locally also guarantees faster turnaround times. This can be particularly important for businesses purchasing custom-branded products in bulk like binders, office stationery, satchels or swing tags that require a quick turnaround or have tight deadlines, such as mass retailers.

Local wholesale production enables businesses to be more responsive to changing market conditions and customer demand. It affords local customers the flexibility to optimise product design for bespoke requirements like business card pockets or embossed logos.

Sampling also becomes a viable option when producing locally.

Quality is key in wholesale manufacturing

One of the most significant advantages of Australian manufacturing is that it ensures that the products meet superior Australian standards and regulations. This assures customers that the products are high-quality and safe to use.

Australian manufacturers also have a reputation for quality and reliability, which helps build customer trust, and with over 60 years of experience in the industry, Acme Preston has established itself as a trusted manufacturer of high-quality, wholesale custom-branded products.

We never, ever compromise on quality for the sake of money, time, or anything else. We have robust, human-led quality checks to ensure that every product that leaves our facility is fit for its intended purpose.

Our results are designed for impact with products built to last.

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An opportunity for innovation and creativity

By supporting local wholesale manufacturers, businesses can tap into this expertise and develop customised products that stand out in the market. This offers customers a competitive advantage in the global marketplace and helps businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

At the heart of everything we do here at Acme Preston is our dedicated commitment to our client partnerships. This ensures that we transform a creative brief – no matter how elaborate or unique – into an end result that will make your end users say, “Wow!”

Looking for a quality local wholesale manufacturing partner for your custom-branded products? Look no further – contact us today.

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