What materials can you use to make a custom-branded binder?

Binders are one of the most versatile stationery products, as they have a wide range of benefits across almost every industry.

They’re so versatile, in fact, that it can often be difficult placing an order of custom-branded binders, because there are so many different options to choose from!

Let’s look at the types of materials you can use to make your custom-branded binders.

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Acme's premium binders

You can customise our range of premium custom binders however you choose, in a range of different finishes and styles.

From basic functional designs to bespoke finishes that include padded finishes, surface effects and metal corners, we’ll help you find the best customisation choice to suit your needs.

Casemade binders

Casemade binders

Our custom casemade binders provide a level of sophistication so rich in detail that this style is far better suited to smaller quantities.

The handcrafted nature of this product offers a variety of options like printed paper, textured paper and a variety of textile materials.

We can design these casemade binders with different finishes, such as foiling and debossing.

You can also choose custom-printed paper designs that contain wording, pictures or brand designs that we can then use to make the binder itself.

Transparent PVC in a machine

PVC welding and die-cut polypropylene

Our in-house branding team has the capacity to weld PVC and die-cut polypropylene to create your binders.

PVC provides highly durable, fit-for-purpose binders that we can tailor according to your preferences and budget.

Our PVC binders are also 100% recyclable, supporting any environmental considerations you may have.

Custom leather binders

Using leather materials to make custom leather binders might take longer than other materials, but the result is worth the wait.

Leather materials provide a high-quality, luxurious finish, complete with skilful stitching and debossed or foil-print decals.

We offer a number of different embellishments to support the uniqueness of your design, including leather ties, buckles, metal plate inserts and stitching.

Leather products are also well-known for their superior durability. And as we can cater to a wide range of quantities, you can order in bulk and feel confidently covered for a long while.

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Vinyl binders

Vinyl isn’t just for the record room; it also makes a great material choice for binders!

We make our custom vinyl binders using layers of plasticised PVC, with cardboard inserts to provide additional structure and strength.

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Encapsulated binders

Acme Preston’s encapsulated binders give you the opportunity to further customise the front and back of your binders.

We create these using tough PVC with plastic sleeve covers that allow you to print and place any design.

This is a great option if you service a lot of clients and need to update the insert accordingly, allowing for additional customisation.

File Folder With Documents

Available sizing options

We cater to a range of various sizes, from standard A3 to A6 or in accordance with any custom sizing you require.

You can also opt for a range of different fittings, including 2, 3 and 4 ring metals, in both R or D shapes, as well as clipboard fasteners, half-lever and full-lever arch styles.

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Sheet protectors and dividers

But the outside isn’t the only way to customise your binders.

We also offer sheet protectors and tab dividers, so you can tailor your binders to suit your needs exactly.

Other variations include business card inserts, document sleeves and PVC pockets.

Order your custom-binders in bulk

If you’d like to order your custom-branded binders before the end of the year, contact us today to discuss.

Our custom-branding experts will guide you through the various materials, finishes, additions and customisation options to create a final product that suits your needs perfectly.

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