Popular products for professional photographers: Customisable plastic photo pockets

photographer man hands with laptop checking dslr camera on a desk

Plastic photo pockets offer several benefits for photographers, including improved organisation, professional presentation, increased sales and added protection for your photographs.

They can help you keep photos organised and easily accessible, providing a professional edge when presenting work and increasing the chances of making a sale.

Acme Preston’s custom branding expertise allows you to customise photo pockets to suit your preferred sizes and dimensions.

Quality plastic photo pockets for enhanced professionalism

Professional photographers understand the importance of branding, and our plastic photo pockets and other custom stationery products are a great way to highlight your brand.

These plastic photo pockets can protect print and photography work from damage, such as fingerprints, dust and scratches, and can be ordered in a variety of different sizes such as:

  • A3 (11.7 inches x 16.5 inches)
  • A4 (8.3 inches x 11.7 inches)
  • A5 (5.8 inches x 8.3 inches)

They can also be ordered in bulk, making them a highly cost-effective option.

Album binding for photo album

Popular photo pocket use cases for photographers

  1. Organising and storing photos: Custom photo pockets can organise and store photos from different shoots and projects, making it easy to access specific images when needed.
  2. Print sales: You can use custom photo pockets when selling hard-copy prints of your work to allow customers to easily view and purchase.
  3. Client presentations: When presenting photos to clients, custom photo pockets can create a professional-looking presentation – especially if you order custom photo pockets with studio branding.
  4. Photo albums: Using custom photo pockets to create personalised photo albums is an excellent addition to your product selection.

How are our plastic photo pockets made?

Our process in making customised plastic photo pockets is the same as our sheet protectors.

The first – and most important – step in making custom plastic photo pockets is ensuring we understand the brief. Our branding experts ask as many questions as possible when working with our customers, to ensure we successfully interpret your design and ideas to create the best customised product for you.

The manufacturing process starts with a complicated mix of chemicals such as vinyl chloride polymer, ethylene and chlorine to create PVC resin, a powder-type substance packaged in cement-like bags.

Next, the resin is mixed with processing acids, lubricants, colours and fillers and is heated to produce polyethylene in large tubes. These tubes then cool and run along a series of rollers to push the plastic sheets together to make them easier to work with.

The PVC plastic is then rolled into large, double-layered rolls, ready for transporting.

But before anything leaves our facilities, it undergoes a robust in-house quality assurance check. This ensures your finished product is correctly aligned with the initial brief and of the highest possible quality.

Clear PVC being fed into the machine

How can Acme Preston support professional photographers?

At Acme Preston, we aren’t afraid of heavy customisations. We make our custom photo pockets tailored to each customer’s design requests.

Our extensive experience allows us to be extremely flexible in our capabilities.

We’re able to custom-manufacture plastic photo pockets to almost any size and spec. We love coming up with creative solutions to customer problems, so try us for your next project.

You can order our Australian-made plastic photo pockets in standard sizes (A3, A4 and A5) or custom sizes tailored to your requirements.

We manufacture your products from glass-clear PVC in heavy-duty (125 microns) or extra heavy-duty (200 microns) and in your choice of style, including both punched and unpunched options.

Extra additions such as flaps, gussets and additional pouches are just some of the many customisations we can include.

When you work with experts in custom branded products like Acme Preston, you can customise your products in bulk, as we also provide wholesale manufacturing.

If you’re a photographer looking for a way to display your work and add an extra touch to your product offerings, contact us today to start designing! Read more custom-branded product articles.

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