Custom Envelopes

Envelopes in every shape and form are an absolute staple of every business. They provide the ultimate way to keep documents together, protected, tidy and presented professionally. Our overprinting service offers customisation of this staple, providing cohesive branding across your stationery.


    • Bulk supply in a wide variety of customisable shapes, sizes and colours.
    • Seal closures: self-seal, lick n stick, strip seal.
    • Window face: allowing for names to be displayed.
    • Secretive: providing a patterned lining which keeps the contents confidential and unable to be read through the envelope itself.
    • Laser printer friendly: our laser printer compatible envelopes are endorsed by Canon Rikoh and Konika Minolta for use in their laser jet printers.
    • We can print anything onto any size or shape envelope with our overprinting capability, including logos, branding, return address information, postage paid icon, further customisation for envelopes used for different purposes internally - tables, information.
    • Corporate branded envelopes
    • Bulk envelopes
    • Customised envelopes
    • Envelopes for printing
    • Confidential envelopes
    • Laser printer friendly envelopes