Custom Faceplates

A faceplate is a durable printed piece of polycarbonate/rigid PVC that is used to fit over the components of a device as protection or as a cover. It also is used to enhance the appearance and design and also to provide necessary information for the specific device such as labelling control panel buttons, or giving registration numbers or warning labels.


    • Face plates are generally made of polycarbonate or rigid PVC with polycarbonate being a more durable and costly option.
    • The print is printed on the back of the protective layer which then forms an excellent barrier against the graphic being damaged. An adhesive layer is then either screen-printed over the print on the back or a 3M adhesive layer is applied.
    • The result is a rigid plate that is very difficult to remove and the graphic is extremely well protected as the rigid material is in front of the printed surface.
    • Various thicknesses of face plate material are available as well as various finishes such as matt or gloss.
    • Face plates
    • Control panel labels
    • Panel labelling
    • Critical warning labels