Temporary Tattoos

Our custom temporary tattoos are a fun way of promoting your business or event. They can be used on skin as well as other surfaces. They are hugely appealing to children and can be geared towards them using funky images that represent your brand. Tattoos can become walking billboards for your business.


    • Temporary tattoos are made from special cosmetic grade inks to minimise any potential sensitivity issues.
    • Tattoos can be done in simple single colour designs up to full colour images.
    • We are able to print a large range of sizes, though the practicalities of where the tattoo will be applied needs to be considered.
    • By using different inks, these can be adapted for use in other applications such as chalkboards.
    • Promotional tattoos
    • Temporary branding
    • Chalkboard branding
    • Sports numbering
    • Team building
    • Swimming carnival numbering