Vinyl Stickers

Our custom vinyl stickers are screen printed in-house using UV inks on gloss, matt, opaque, clear and reflective vinyls. This maximises visual impact with vibrancy and depth of colour while also being extremely durable and weather resistant.


    • Excellent UV, water, dust, oil and scratch resistance.
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
    • Variety of types available include double-sided stickers, reverse image stickers (used on glass windows), electrostatic stickers (stick without adhesive) and reflective stickers.
    • We can make any shape and size of sticker to complement your branding, logo, image and text requirements.
    • Some applications may be better suited to computer cut vinyl lettering (large format, single colour, simple design projects).
    • Proper application of stickers will maximize longevity.
    • We can cater for a wide range of quantities.
    • Promotional stickers
    • Bumper stickers
    • Packaging stickers
    • Safety sign stickers
    • Machinery & equipment stickers
    • Sport equipment stickers
    • Electrostatic stickers
    • Waterproof stickers
    • Reverse image stickers (behind glass)
    • Double sided stickers (used on glass)
    • Wall art
    • Branding
    • Glass decor
    • Vinyl cut lettering