Durable DURAFRAME® POSTER 50cmx70cm


Durable DURAFRAME® POSTER – Self-adhesive 50cm x 70cm in Black or Silver

The professional way to display.
The self-adhesive infoframe DURAFRAME® POSTER is the ideal solution for posters and advertising in 50×70 cm format.

• Presenting information in a high quality and professional way
• Quick insertion and exchange of documents via a fold-back magnetic frame
• Easy to attach to solid and smooth surfaces; can be removed from glass
• Areas of application: For posters and advertising on smooth surfaces which are not exposed to direct sunlight
• Protection against theft and weathering by attaching the frame to a shop window pane on the inside for visibility on the outside
• When applied to glass, information can be read from both sides. Capacity for 2 posters.
• Frame looks identical from both sides
• UV-stabilised, anti-glare
• For use in portrait and landscape formats
• External dimensions: 545 x 745 mm

Application Note:
When applied to glass, avoid placing DURAFRAME® POSTER in direct sunlight due to possible curling of the frame. We recommend to use DURAFRAME® SUN info and poster frames for displaying information on glass surfaces exposed to sunlight.

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SIZE 50cm x 70cm
COLOUR Black / Silver
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Fold-back magnetic frame

Self-Adhesive for solid and smooth surfaces (No Direct Sunlight)

Can be used for Portrait or Landscape Format

QUANTITY 1 x Duraframe per pack



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