Glass Decals

Custom glass decals, ceramic decals or waterslide transfers are a unique and effective way to professionally brand your glass products, be it your logo, a special image/text, a specialised product number or certification information. The selected image is screen-printed using mineral toners that are specially selected according to your specific application. The finished decal we print is ready to be fired onto the glass surface.


    • Usually fired at a temperature between 490°C and 580°C. Optimum temperature for a specific furnace or kiln will need to be determined by testing.
    • Screen printing technique gives excellent depth and strength of colour that helps it stand out on the transparent glass.
    • This is typically used for showing certification or standards for tempered glass etc.
    • Once fired into the glass, the image is permanent.
    • We cater for a wide range of quantities.
    • Certification/standards tempered glass
    • Measuring units on glass
    • Manufacturing information on various glass products
    • Branding on glass products
    • Grading for glass and ceramic instruments and tools
    • Waterslide transfers
    • Ceramic decals