PVC Pockets

Our custom clear PVC plastic pockets and sleeves are most commonly used as retail pricing displays for electronics, furniture lighting, building materials and arts and crafts products. They are economical, durable, reusable and customisable. If you’ve shopped anywhere in Australia, chances are good you’ve seen many of our custom plastic retail display pockets in action.


    • Clear PVC pockets are also used as custom forms and document holders, ID security passes, product packaging.
    • Specialised uses include various binder inserts - CD, card, key pockets, collectables, storage and display.
    • Specify your size and PVC thickness, add print, multiple pockets, flaps or fasteners, eyelets, holes and other fittings.
    • Zip-lock and other closures can be added.
    • We cater for a wide range of quantities.
    • Retail pricing display
    • Retail display
    • Store pricing
    • Product packaging
    • Form & document holders
    • ID & security pass holder
    • Binder pockets inserts
    • CD pockets
    • Business card binder inserts
    • Key holder binder inserts
    • Coins albums pages
    • Collectables display
    • Samples & test pocket
    • Sticky pockets