Tab Dividers

Our tab dividers are the perfect office solution to customise and organise your documents within your binders. They come in a variety of configurations, meaning you can print, collate and bind as you require. Tab dividers are available as standard printable packs, or we are able to customise with printed tab dividers.


    • Printable for digital photocopiers.
    • Available in collated or reverse collated.
    • Standard options include plain white or rainbow sets in 160 or 210gsm.
    • Standard formats include, 4 to view, 5 to view, 6 to view and 10 to view.
    • For use with A4 pages.
    • Customised options are available and can include custom printed tab dividers in either card or polypropylene options.
    • File organisation
    • Binder organisation
    • Topic sorting
    • Binder reference guides
    • Document reference tabs
    • Subject dividers
    • Topic dividers
    • Binder index tabs
    • File index tab dividers
    • Binder dividers