Custom Made PVC Ring Binders and Folders

These binders are generally made from layers of Plasticised PVC with cardboard in between for the stiffness. The binder is welded to fuse the PVC and seal the binder. Fittings are then added as per customer’s requirements.

Available in standard sizes such as A4, A3, A5, A6 sizes, or in any custom size according to your specific needs.

Remember to consider whether if plastic sleeves are to be used as this needs to be taken in to account for the overall width of the binder

Various pockets, business card inserts, forms and documents sleeves can be included.

Styles range from basic functional through to Luxury Bespoke finishes in various colours and textures.  These could include padded finish, metal corners, surface effects etc.

Fittings range includes 2, 3, 4-ring metals in R or D shapes, lever arch and half lever arch, clipboard fasteners and other fittings.

Images can be screen printed, foil stamped, debossed or have paper inserts encapsulated. Options include simple monotone images to full colour designs.

Environmental consideration: PVC binders are 100% recyclable, though the process of recycling them is very labour intensive due to the cardboard being encapsulated inside the PVC.

It is possible to make binders that are far more easily recycled by replacing the cardboard component with a rigid PVC sheet. The metal part will then just need to be removed and recycled separately.


We are happy to cater for different quantities – from less than a hundred to long runs of hundreds of thousands.

If you are not sure where to start let us help you to come up with innovative design ideas to suit your specific product purpose and use.

  • Menu Folders
  • Magazine & Brochure Binders
  • Custom Presentation Binders
  • Corporate Binders
  • Case Set
  • Hotel Compendium Folders
  • Conference Binders
  • Catalogue binders
  • Custom School Binders
  • Easel Binders
  • Legal Binders & Audit Binders
  • Manual
  • Binders

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