Polyprop Signs & Tags

Polyprop Signs are commonly used as a replacement for metal signs in areas where the sign will not be subject to mechanical stresses. This could be as safety, service, promotional and marketing signage. They are also widely used as a sign boards for construction sites, security, work place safety.

Polyprop signs are the plastic equivalent of metal sheeting signs. It is lightweight, durable, and does not present as much of a cutting hazard as their metal equivalents.

Safety Tags and signs are used throughout many industries to caution or give information about any hazards that might be present. These can be either temporary such as maintenance tags or permanent warnings signs.

Image is screen printed directly onto the polyprop using UV inks – from single to full colour images.

UV Screen printed inks gives a durable, scratch, water, and UV resistant result. Your sign can last outside for years.

Cost effective printing method for medium and large runs of signs. We cater for different order quantities – from less than a hundred to long runs of thousands or hundreds of thousands.

Depth of colour is excellent. This is especially noticeable when printing with very dark, bold or bright colours.

100% recyclable

Safety tags and signs are usually made from a polyprop plastic or similar.

They will vary in thickness depending on the application. In applications where a flexible tag is required, a PVC tag can be used. A strong flexible tag can be achieved using a reinforced PVC material.

Screen printing results in an excellent depth of colour. This means that the writings or markings will be especially bold. The thickness of ink used also ensures that the print will last. In most cases the print outlasts the sign or tag.

  • Safety signage
  • Emergency signage
  • Information signage
  • Security signage
  • Labels
  • Construction signage
  • Trade and service signage
  • Promotional signage
  • Seasonal signage
  • Warning Signs
  • Safety Tags
  • Lock out Tag out Tags
  • Out of Service Tags
  • Maintenance Tags
  • Maintenance Signs

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