Vinyl Stickers

Custom Vinyl Stickers & labels are screen printed using UV inks on gloss, matt, opaque, clear and reflective vinyls.

They have excellent UV, water, dust, oil and scratch resistance.

Suitable for outdoor use.

Highly customisable and specialised; including double-sided stickers, reverse image stickers (used on glass windows), electrostatic stickers (stick without adhesive) as well as reflective stickers.

Any shape or size can be accommodated

We find these common sizes the most economical for printing stickers due to the material stock and equipment:

  • 170 x 45mm (Sticker 1)
  • 220 x 60mm (Sticker 2)
  • 300 x 75mm (Sticker 3)

Computer Cut Lettering is also available at Acme Preston. In computer-cut vinyl lettering a text or an image is cut from a single colour vinyl.

  • Different colours can be combined but only in areas where there is a gap between them.
  • We work with different vinyls – from conventional single colour to gold or silver or other speciality vinyls.
  • Vinyl cut lettering comes with backing sheet to hold the components together and make application easy

Vinyl cut lettering will generally last longer than printed vinyl as the colour goes all the way through the vinyl and is not just a layer on the surface.

This type of sticker is used as images, text or patterns on glass, branding on equipment and wall art.


It is important that stickers are applied properly. This means that the surface needs to be properly prepared and the sticker needs to be applied with the proper application pressure all the way to the edge of the stickers. It is common for the edges of the sticker to be neglected resulting in the edges peeling/lifting after a short time.


Acme Preston can supply a tool to assist in correct application of the stickers on request.

We are happy to cater for different size orders – from few hundred to long runs of hundreds of thousands.

  • Promotional stickers
  • Bumper stickers
  • Packaging stickers
  • Safety sign stickers
  • Machinery & equipment stickers
  • Sport equipment stickers
  • Electrostatic stickers
  • Waterproof stickers
  • Reverse image stickers (behind glass)
  • Double sided stickers (used on glass)
  • Wall Art
  • Branding
  • Glass Decor
  • Vinyl Cut Lettering

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