Recycling your PVC and vinyl stationery

wheel loader working load bottle plastic recycle from the mountain of plastic bottle

Did you know that PVC recycling has one of the most advanced levels of mechanical recycling, with the longest history? Let’s take a look into the history of PVC recycling and how you can recycle your PVC and vinyl stationery. 

Although early plastic called Parkesine emerged in 1862 as an alternative to ivory and horn, it wasn’t until John Wesley Hyatt developed an improved version of the original Parkesine called celluloid (think about the stuff that makes up billiard balls) that put the concept of plastic ‘on the map’. The industrial revolution of the 18th century was the catalyst to how plastic would change how we live with the evolution of medicine and household items, like buttons and letter openers.

In an ironic twist, it would also precede a war on pollution and force government authorities to implement initiatives and legislation to manage waste.

On a positive note, however, it propelled and continues to push scientists and engineers from the manufacturing sector into developing ways to repurpose plastics and create ways for them to become sustainable.

Semi-finished product for the production of granules and raw materials.

Some PVC recycling context

PVC recycling is one area that has shown significant advances. It uses mechanical recycling to process the material. PVC melts at a relatively low melting point using less energy and can be reground, melted and extruded repeatedly.

PVC and other plastic recycling has been one of the most significant revolutions in how the world manages waste. Australia, cognisant of its plastic usage, focuses a large amount of community effort and investment on recycling PVC into new products.

PVC and Vinyl trash

Sort your PVC plastic

When recycling your PVC or vinyl stationery products like PVC sheet protectors, binders, folders, clipboards or tab dividers, it’s important to sort them correctly and in adequate quantities. Remember, recycled materials are only as valuable as the company or individual that acquires them or for their particular repurposed use.

When recycling your PVC stationery, you need to make sure that they are:

  • Clear of dirt
  • Free of metal
  • Separated from other components
  • Of a reasonable and consistent quality.

PVC stationery like binders or folders will need to be dismantled as part of the sorting process.

Plastic bottle from many type of polymer

Binder today, bottle tomorrow

Our custom PVC stationery like binders and sheet protectors are made from PVC. One of the raw materials used to make PVC is polyethylene – one of the most common raw materials used in PVC and other plastic products.

Some products made from recycled polyethylene include bottles, pens, plastic lumber, tables, rope, toys, bike racks, fencing, benches, recycling bins and other furniture.

Here at Acme Preston, we are committed to recycling and sort our corflute (corrugated polypropylene), PVC and polyethylene in separate bins that are specially collected. We also recycle our cardboard, paper waste and metal components.

If you’d like to know more about our custom PVC stationery, please contact our team of custom branding experts.

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