School essentials for minds and activities

There is a collective sigh of relief from parents, students, teachers and school administrators as the school year draws to a close. This has been the first full year back after disrupted timetables and schedules from the lockdowns, which seem a distant memory for many.

As the finish line approaches, a new starting line emerges, and when thinking about school essentials for minds and activities for the next academic year, now is the time to start making plans.

Display books

Display books, often overlooked in the digital age, remain a cornerstone of school education. These unassuming tools offer many benefits that modern technology cannot replicate.

Display books foster an environment where students can physically engage with the material, enhancing comprehension and retention. They showcase student work and projects, instilling a sense of pride and motivation.

These timeless tools also promote organisation and discipline, teaching students valuable skills for life. In an era of screen fatigue, display books provide a respite from the digital deluge. They exemplify the permanence of knowledge, encouraging respect for the written word.

Display books are indispensable in the educational journey, bridging the gap between tradition and progress.

At ACME PRESTON, we deliver standard and premium quality display books at highly competitive price points. We can customise to your specifications and ensure we deliver your orders on time and in pristine condition to start the new school year. It is all about quality, service and price. We tick all the boxes.

Certificate holders

These elegant accessories elevate the presentation of certificates and accolades, imbuing them with a sense of importance and prestige. They not only safeguard valuable documents but also convey a message of accomplishment and commitment to excellence.

In educational institutions, certificate holders offer a tangible symbol of achievement for students, motivating them to strive for success. As a result, these unassuming holders are more than mere accessories; they are symbolic representations of dedication and achievement, an essential component of any distinguished educational journey.

At ACME PRESTON, we can customise our much sought-after certificate holders with your school logo and deliver exceptional service and competitive pricing.  Order from the experts in educational stationery and accessories.

Binders, folders and everything in between

These unassuming tools are instrumental in keeping essential documents and materials in order. Binders allow for the categorisation and easy retrieval of information, enabling students to stay focused and access critical resources swiftly.

Folders offer a portable means of preserving loose papers, ensuring nothing becomes lost or damaged. In a bustling school environment, the significance of quality binders and folders cannot be overstated.

These tools must withstand the rigours of busy hallways, backpacks and the occasional mishandling by students.

High-quality binders and folders exhibit durability that keeps documents intact and protected. Reinforced seams, sturdy materials and robust manufacture ensure longevity.

In a setting where care is only sometimes the top priority, the resilience of these accessories is paramount. Investing in quality binders and folders safeguards essential academic and administrative materials, maintaining a semblance of order in the midst of school chaos.

For decades, ACME PRESTON has been the stationer of choice for busy educational institutions due to our consistency in delivering stationery products that last the school year. Our binders and folders stand the test of time, manufactured from high-grade materials that pass the dropped-bag-from-the-bus test.

Customisation specialists

ACME PRESTON specialises in customised stationery, display books, certificate holders, binders and folders for educational institutions. Our experience in delivering quality products at competitive prices is why many schools turn to us for their stationery needs.

Talk to one of our team members about our customisation service and why we deliver on our promise first time every time.

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Our Products

We can customise all types of binders with different sizes, features and materials.


Give your documents a polished, professional look with our range of custom folders.


We promise exceptional print quality on a wide variety of custom satchels and pockets.

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Bespoke custom presentation boxes built for purpose – durable and highly impactful.

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We promise exceptional print quality on a wide variety of custom satchels and pockets.

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Give your documents a polished, professional look with our range of custom folders.