Screen Printing

Screen printing on various plastics, PVC, polypropylene, corflute, timber, paper, leather.

Wide range of images – from a single spot colour to a full colour image.

Maximum image size 980x700mm.

Acme Preston can print up to 5 colours in a single production cycle, that allows a close registration, high quality, speed, efficiency, and therefore a competitive pricing.

Screen print on plastics and vinyl has outdoor quality, high UV, water & scratch resistance.

Plastic Welding

Acme Preston manufactures custom welded items, such as…

  • Binders
  • Stationery
  • Promotional items
  • Point of sale goods & packaging.

Our welding machines use a high-frequency electromagnetic field (non-heat) to weld plastic producing high quality seams.

Heat Bent Acrylic

Acrylic is known for its optical clarity and is often the material of choice when a transparent rigid material is desired. By using a heat process this acrylic can be bent into a variety of shapes depending on the desired outcome. This could be from a simple L shaped stand with a table number on it through to more complex designs for brochure holders etc.

The use of this process does not need to be limited to acrylic. Other materials with different colours and different properties can also be used depending on the application.

Foil Stamping

In foil stamping (also known as foiling and foil imprinting) the image is stamped on PVC from a sheet of foil. It gives a luxurious metallic finish that cannot be replicated by any inks. Foil stamping is popular for various folders and other stationery. Foil stamping can be combined with debossing to create a more striking 3D image.

While genuine leather can be foil stamped, it should be noted that the leather generally will last longer than the foil stamping. If you are considering using foil stamping on genuine leather, you should discuss the specific applications and other details with us first.


Debossing imprints an image into the PVC or vinyl. It produces elegant reproductions of a company logo or text. Debossing most commonly is used for custom stationery such as binders, folders, satchels, document and travel wallets. Debossing can be used by itself or combined with foil stamping or screen printing.

Debossing allows for a subtler branding that does not detract from the aesthetics of the item being made.

Computer Cut Vinyl Lettering

In computer-cut vinyl lettering a text or an image is cut from a single colour vinyl. Different colours can be combined but only in areas where there is a gap between them. We work with different vinyls – from conventional single colour to gold or silver or other speciality vinyls. Vinyl cut lettering comes with a backing sheet to hold the components together and make application easy.

Vinyl cut lettering will generally last longer than printed vinyl as the colour goes all the way through the vinyl and is not just a layer on the surface.

Pre-press & Graphic Design

Our pre-press department can help designing your desired product – from simple binders to complex product packaging and displays. We can also adjust your graphics, prepare it for the screen printing, and give recommendations on improving your image and product for maximum impact, convenience & value. We however do not do complete graphic design such as corporate logos or brochures.