Top five custom branded products for 2023

October marks the start of the ‘last mile’ for businesses in 2022. Planning for the new year also kicks off, and at Acme Preston we start planning for the new calendar year.

As experts in custom-branded products, we thought we’d share our top five custom-branded products for 2023.

Binder with clear sleeves

Display books

The end of one year also marks the beginning of another. Custom-branded display books are a classy and professional way to feature the past year’s successes, share business results with board members or showcase new product catalogues.

In education, however, high-quality, durable display books are essential for students to file, organise and display important information.

At Acme Preston we have produced custom education and training binders for Australian education professionals for decades. We have built the capacity to respond to bulk orders for training and education documents in preparation for the new school year.

A4 and A5 sheet protectors

Sheet protectors have been protecting important documents, reports and recipes in binders for decades.

The most common sheet protectors sizes are A4 and A5 and can be customised to suit your usage requirements. We can customise them from glass clear PVC in heavy-duty (125 microns) or extra heavy-duty (200 microns), depending on how frequently they’re used.

Did you know that sheet protectors come in various loading styles?

At Acme Preston, we manufacture top load, side load or quick load (where the corners peel back) sheet protectors here in Western Sydney. We also offer a range of punched and unpunched options that can also be custom branded.

The most common uses for sheet protectors include display files, especially for school, financial documents or sports accolade files, photo album inserts, collector album inserts, coin album inserts and collector card pockets.

Sticky pockets

Sticky pockets form part of our PVC pocket range. These pockets are popular in retail for pricing displays and we know that special offers, festive sales and back-to-school bargains will dominate most retail outlets over the next few months.

Our sticky pockets are economical, durable, reusable and of course, customisable. Our PVC sticky pockets are perfect for use as custom form or document holders, ID security passes and on product packaging. We offer a wide range of quantities that can be customised in thickness, with added printing, pockets, flap or fasteners, eyelets, holes and other fittings.

Different kinds of Plastic satchels

Plastic satchels – PVC and polypropylene

Suppose sheet protectors are similar to an unassuming little sister. In that case, plastic satchels are the much older, more responsible big brother commonly used by legal companies or by businesses at conferences and trade shows to store and professionally present documents and information.

Our quality PVC and polypropylene satchels are also useful for custom occupational health and safety information, as first aid kits and as robust product packaging. Sizes, shapes and colours can be customised, as can the closure options (flaps, interlocking tab closure, Velcro dot, zip or press seal).

Plastic satchels can be customised with screen printing, foil stamps or debossed images and texts.

Different kind of Vinyl stickers


How long is a piece of string… and how many stickers we print each year will likely deliver a similar result. Endless.

We print our durable vinyl stickers in-house using UV inks on gloss, matt, opaque, clear and reflective vinyl.

Applications for our vinyl stickers extend from retail window displays to outdoor construction uses.

We process large-format sticker printing and cut vinyl lettering. Our vinyl stickers have excellent UV, water, dust, oil and scratch resistance and come in various sizes. We can also print them as double-sided or reversible image stickers, electrostatic (stick without adhesive) and reflective stickers and are customisable for any branding, image or logo requirements.

Vinyl stickers should not be uncommon in retail spaces this festive season but are also great for promotional and packaging, safety signage, machinery and equipment, sports equipment, waterproof applications and glass decor.

Start planning for the festive season and into 2023, and chat with us about your custom-branded product needs.

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