What are some examples of custom branded products to help your company stand out?

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In today’s world, personalisation has become one of the most effective ways for a brand to cut through the noise and connect with its customers.

Custom branded products can help your business improve marketing, wow clients and bring a level of unity and teamwork to your employees.

Plus, with all the various options and technology available, there is a range of fun choices to make! Here are some of our favourites.

1. Signs and displays

Cut vinyl signs and displays are always eye-catching choices for promotions. They’re perfect for trade shows, in the office and also for outdoor advertising. We make our custom corflute signs with UV screen printed inks that help your sign last outside for years, making them ideal outdoor displays.

Other types of signs and displays like custom vinyl stickers or custom wall flags can also be customised with various designs, vibrant colours and sizes to suit your brand and business. Plus, you can apply them to a variety of surfaces, from walls and windows to vehicles and even flooring.

Countertop display stand products

2. Custom promotional merchandise

Custom products can showcase your company’s fun side and unique brand voice. Our range of products leaves plenty of room to show your creative side, so you can stand out even more. Have a company mascot? Turn it into a custom vinyl sticker.

Running a company day out, supporting a local community or conducting fundraising? Then create some temporary tattoos to hand out to the crowd! Or make use of any in-office space with our countertop display stands – perfect for the front desk – and countertop mats.

3. Stationery products

If you need simple and versatile promotional products that you can use in various situations, then stationery products like custom clipboards and premium envelopes are excellent choices! They’re perfect for displaying your company logo and distributing to your team members or given as giveaways to valued and potential customers.

Custom pens are also cost-effective to create in bulk, making them an affordable option for any business looking to boost their marketing efforts.

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4. Binders and folders

Creating customisable binders and folders in your company branding colours can make for high quality promotional items with a professional touch. Versatile and organised, you can use them in meetings, events, conferences and presentations, or internal processes like employee onboarding, or even as gifts.

The custom branding experts at Acme Preston create high-quality packaging and binders out of materials and processes, such as PVC welding, which enables us to achieve a high quality final product for anything from plastic sleeves to binders and folders.

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5. Collector albums

A collector’s album is a fantastic promotional product for those in any industry that works with any type of collectible or memorabilia.

Sporting clubs, schools and educational institutions or hobby stores are examples of companies that would be well matched to a promotional run of collectors’ albums.

And even financial institutions could create their own branded coin albums.

Unlock your creativity with Acme Preston custom products

The best promotional products will vary depending on your company, your price point and your sales approach.

But if you need help to find the best fit for you, contact the experts at Acme Preston. We’ll work alongside you to create the best custom products that will help you speak to your customers – no matter what it is you’re trying to say.

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