Custom Countertop Mats

Countertop mats are a great way to highlight a product in an eye-catching way at your point of sale. Our custom countertop mats are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your specific requirements.


    • Premium non-slip counter mats – These have a particularly bright visual appearance with a high gloss laminate over the top. These really make the image 'pop' but are susceptible to scratching which generally limits their lifespan. These would usually be used in an application where they would be replaced after a few months. Lifespan will depend on where they are being used. These can also be made in anti-scuff, however some of the image clarity will be lost.
    • Regular non-slip counter mats. These have a non-slip backer and the image is generally made by encapsulating a printed sheet of paper between the top layer and the non-slip backer.
    • Insert counter mats. These are available in regular non-slip or economical. They include a pocket on the front which enables it to be refreshed whenever needed with a printed interchangeable insert.
    • Promotional mats
    • Counter mats
    • POS displays
    • Mouse pads
    • Mouse mats
    • Countertop advertising
    • Pharmacy counter mats