Custom Plastic Folders

Our custom plastic folders are made from your choice of polypropylene or PVC, which is printed and then die-cut to specification. Folds are created by creasing or cut-creasing lines into the plastic. Fittings are then added according to your requirements.


    • Standard sizes A4, A3, A5, A6 and any other custom size.
    • If plastic sleeves will be used, take this into consideration.
    • Various pockets, business card inserts, forms and sleeves can be included.
    • Styles include different transparency (semi-transparent is our most popular), different colours PVC and various types of finishes and thickness of material.
    • Clipboard fasteners
    • Images: screen-printed, foil stamped, die-cut.
    • From simple monotone images to full colour designs.
    • Polyprop folders are 100% recyclable by simply removing the metal fittings. PVC folders are easy to recycle when using a sheet of polyprop instead of cardboard for the structure.
    • Custom presentation folder
    • Corporate folder
    • Conference folder
    • Promotional folder
    • Catalogue folder
    • Professional folder
    • Swatch folder
    • Music folder
    • Student folder
    • Report folder