Our custom clipboards are made from any of our materials, however it is most common to use either PVC or polypropylene for this purpose. Our in-house capabilities enable us to customise your clipboards with any branding and any additional finishing touches you may require.


    • Manufactured out of PVC or polypropylene material in a range of colours.
    • Metals used for clipboard are high quality and durable.
    • Custom branding is possible with a variety of options including screen-printing, debossing, foiling and even encapsulation for our PVC clipboards.
    • Possible additions include pen loops, flap closure, pockets and business card pouches.
    • We cater for a wide range of quantities and sizes.
    • Branded clipboards
    • Corporate clipboards
    • Corporate clipfolders
    • School clipfolders
    • School clipboards
    • Medical clipboards
    • Team clipboards